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Wolf with Pups Diamond Painting


WantMake Diamond Paintings let you create beautiful mosaics without needing to be an artist. Simply select your canvas and you're ready to create a masterpiece. 

Diamond paintings are fun, relieve stress, and develop active thinking. Enjoy hours working through the kit, when finished you'll have a grand masterpiece to show friends and family.

This Diamond Painting kit includes everything you need to get started. It’s as easy as placing the diamonds to bring the work of art to life. Just sit back, relax, and start diamond drilling. 

No prior art experience is needed - anybody can be an artist with diamond painting kit. Our Diamond Painting kits include everything you need to create a beautiful work of art achieving the subtle tones to make your painting look realistic. 

How It Works

Every Diamond Painting kit comes with everything you need from start to finish. That's one adhesive framed canvas with film covering, number coded beads by color, application tool, adhesive pad & plastic tray to hold beats. 

Simply follow the steps below at your own leisure to finish your painting:

  1. Apply adhesive from the small pink pad onto the applicator tool. This is how it picks up each bead.
  2. Peel away part of the film (do not remove completely) covering the adhesive canvas and stick your beads (labeled by number) to the corresponding number on the canvas.
  3. It's recommended to do one color at a time.
  4. When you've finished a session, re-cover with film and press lightly with your hand to further secure the beads to the adhesive.
  5. Keep covered with film when not in use repeat the above whenever you'd like to work on your painting
  6. When completely finished, remove the film covering the canvas and you're ready to display with the built-in frame.

Why We Love Diamond Painting

  • DIY HOME DECOR - Create your own wall art; no artistic ability required!
  • BEST FOR BONDING - Spend time with your family or friends to create your own beautiful piece of art to share
  • ALL-IN-ONE-KIT - The enthusiast always needs to start somewhere, but the early roadblock is having to put the entire set together – is it not? We have you covered! Spare yourself that trauma, we deliver all the tools you need
  • A PERFECT GIFT - This makes a thoughtful gift and is perfect for any occasion
  • VERY RELAXING - Take your mind off anxieties of the day. Paint by Diamonds eases your tensions. Breakthrough research shows that creative activities like coloring and painting can reduce stress

Canvas size:

  • Unless otherwise stated, the size of the paint by numbers canvas is 16 x 20 inches
  • Unless otherwise stated, the size of the diamond painting is 12 x 16 inches