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How to Paint by Numbers

To get started with your paint by numbers kit, follow these instructions:

  1. If you are working on a kit on a linen canvas without a frame, we recommend that you tape each corner of the canvas so it won't move during painting. 
  2. You canvas is filled with numbers which match your paint pots. Fill each area with paint marked with the matching number. 
  3. To start, pick an area of lighter color, from top to down, left to right (if you are right-handed) or right to left (if you are left-handed). The darker color can cover any mistake as you go. 
  4. Stick with one color at a time. This is important in order to prevent the paints from drying because acrylic paints are quick to dry. This also avoids the hassle of cleaning the paintbrush every time you switch color. 
  5. When you finish with one color, remember to clean your paintbrush with water and a paper towel before loading another paint color.

Follow these steps and you will soon see a wonderful masterpiece while enjoying the making of it.